UPS Store Moves to New Ford Road Location


The owners of the UPS Store in Canton took over about 11 years ago and recently moved to a more ideal location for their customers. They wanted a new challenge and decided to take advantage of a great opportunity. They felt that the new location allowed for greater exposure for the business as opposed to that of the original location. The parking is much improved for customers and the store is surrounded by a plethora of striving businesses like Outback Steakhouse that can essentially provide more visibility for the company.

The UPS Store offers interstate and international shipping utilizing multiple services ranging from DHL to USPS. They offer a wide range of services from notary to mailbox services and faxing. The store also offers mailboxes services for local business as well as house accounts for businesses that do a consistent amount of shipping. With those house accounts they receive additional discounts and services to assist those businesses with their daily operations.

The UPS Store has experienced substantial growth. Each week more people come into the store for shipping as well as to open mailboxes for their businesses. The store has been instrumental in servicing many people in the process of relocating with box and pack services prior to shipping their belongings to their new locations. Overall holiday shipping grows more and more from year to year as well.

They have had the interesting experience of shipping live tropical fish as well as many Michigan branded products (Faygo and Better Made) all over the United States. They’ve also witnessed merchandise that has been passed down from generation to generation being shipped to family members throughout the years. One particular customer shipped a brick from the house that he grew up in to his new home.

They hold several annual events at the store such as passing out candy to area children during Halloween. The staff dresses in costume to help the children enjoy the Halloween festivities in a safe environment.

The store is located at 42807 Ford Road, Canton. Call 734-981-8200 for more information or visit the website at