Szechuan Restaurant


Sonny and Pallas Wang left their Taiwan home in the late 70s. They landed in Honolulu and opened a t-shirt shop, but it didn’t feel like home. They began looking for a place to build a life and a family. In 1979 they arrived in Canton and knew they’d found the place they belonged.

Pallas and Sonny had always shared a love of food and cooking, and in 1980 they opened Szechuan Restaurant. Sonny worked the kitchen and Pallas worked up front with her mother and sisters. The restaurant had just 12 tables, and as word of their food and service spread, soon they had lines out the door, even in the winter.

“People are always surprised to learn that we make our sauces and condiments from scratch — jammy plum sauce, roasted chili oil, pineapple coconut sauce, etc. It makes the difference,” says Steve Brock, the Wang’s son-in-law. A customer favorite from their extensive menu is the General Tsou’s Chicken. Sweet, savory, crunchy and gooey — what’s not to love? The recipe has been a family secret for generations.

Over the years Szechuan has been voted #1 Chinese restaurant in Metro Detroit by multiple local news outlets. “We are really grateful for the support of our community and are proud to have called Ford Road home for over 40 years,” Steve adds. Szechuan is truly a family story: Pallas and Sonny have now passed the baton to their daughter, Jennifer and Steve, who are thrilled to serve the Canton community for another generation. Szechuan is located on the north side of Ford Road, in the Purple Block, between Canton Center and Sheldon, across the street from Meijer. With a giant bright red Szechuan sign, you can’t miss it.