Security Pest Control


In 1989, Julie Lattimore got the news: her husband, Clayton, had been injured at work. Knowing they’d need to find a new way to make a living, they decided to open a cleaning business. 15 years later, their business was going strong, and Clayton was making cold calls to area businesses. He must have been doing a great job, because while cold calling at Orkin, they invited him to join their sales team. He joined Orkin while Julie continued to run their cleaning operation. Clayton eventually moved from sales and trained to become a pest control technician, and after eight years, he and Julie decided to open their own business: Security Pest Control.

“We’re family owned and operated, and serving the Canton area is our primary focus,” Julie says. “We work hard to provide great customer service and detailed solutions tailored to people’s individual needs. Our business is to evict unwanted pests.”

While a large portion of their business involves general preventive services and treating for spiders, ants, bees and wasps, they also provide animal trapping and can handle the delicate operation of removing bats from attics. “We perform the removal, then disinfect and seal up the entry points,” Julie notes. Customer requests are met with friendly, knowledgable and responsive service, and their business has grown mainly through word of mouth. Service can be scheduled by calling them at 734-981-8911 or sending a request online at


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