Re-Train Your Body and Soul to Heal at West End Yoga


CANTON MI- West End Yoga a bohemian, meditative space focused on healing, located in Canton on Canton Center and Ford Rd.

“We believe that yoga is not simply an exercise, but a pathway to greater ease and healing in the body. We simply hold space and guide you to listen to your own inner wisdom,” says Leah Slagenwhite, owner of The West End Yoga Company.

West End offers yoga classes guided by experienced teachers, with a focus on yoga therapy, meaning we believe yoga is medicine, addressing all body systems and functions from the inside out, for all levels and body types.

After being diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) at age 29, Leah was changed forever. “There was a point where I asked why me? Instead of dwelling on the “disaster” I saw the diagnosis as a change that was much needed, and this direction led to massive internal healing,” explains Slagenwhite.

People can all use ancient principles as a road map to create their own healing programs. Illnesses can be complex, but bodies have the innate ability to know what to do to heal. The world of self-love, nurture, and care for the soul is delicious and divine. This is available to everyone, no matter what the illness is.

Leah created West End Yoga to be able to share her expertise with as many people as possible. “I chose Canton because I grew up here and it is a community that is very family-oriented. Since I have started a family of my own I thought, why not go back to my hometown and bring a different type of healing? There weren’t any yoga studios, aside from the recreation centers or a gym at that time so I used our savings and did it and opened up in November of 2014.”

Yoga has become much more popular and people are in need of a way to find connection to themselves, whether it’s through the breath or through movement. The type of yoga we offer (hatha, yin and BUTI) unlock buried resentments and other toxic emotions, so when people feel the release, they keep coming back because they’re finding they can heal themselves through consistent practice of coming back to the soul-space.

West End offers a full suite of pure, medicinal, therapeutic grade essential oils and have a retail shop called Sapphire Soul located inside the studio, run by a female entrepreneur and mama. Sapphire Soul creates necklaces, bracelets, and holistic goodies.

The yoga studio supports local artists and businesses such as SkyZone, The Canton Public Library, and also love LaShisho for their events.

On July 24th, West End is hosting the band GO W/ THE FLOW, a yoga and live music collaboration, designed to get you out of your head and into your body. During this immersive collision of music and movement, Tori’s powerful but playful vinyasa sequence is scored by Ben’s live-looped beatboxing, guitar, and vocals.

There will also be an awesome summer line-up of workshops, everything from essential oils for anxiety (FREE) to Full Body Foam Roller Therapy! Sign up on the website under workshops and events at or call 248-345-2021 for more information.