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If you’re driving down Ford Road and suddenly feel a surge of strength and energy, it may be coming at you from PRO Martial Arts. Located in the plaza between McDonalds and Burger King, in the Purple Block, just across the street from Meijer and Tropical Smoothie, the facility opened on April 13, 2013 and has been going strong ever since.

“We chose to open in Canton because of its great family atmosphere,” says Megan Farnia, Program Director. Her desire to help children and families is deeply personal. “I was bullied so badly in school that I had to change schools. My whole family moved over an hour away from my previous school to get away from the bullying. No child should have to suffer because of a bully. So now I help students sign up, feel comfortable and part of our PRO Family when they join.” If a student is dealing with a bully, Megan helps them navigate the proper channels in their school, following the school’s rules and helping them feel safe and regain that control that the bully has taken from them.

“We have cultivated a strong family atmosphere here,” Megan adds. “We’ve also founded a fully student created Anti-Bullying Walk in October at Heritage Park.” All the funds donated through the walk are sent to the International Bullying Prevention Association, just one reason PRO Martial Arts has earned recognition from the IBPA over several years.

With summer comes an excellent opportunity to get to know PRO Martial Arts and meet some new friends — their Summer Camps are open to the public. Anyone can join, whether or not they’re a member. And if you’re in the neighborhood, stop in and check out their selection of Bo Staffs and Num-chuks — favorites among the kids who attend.


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