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There’s a new kind of pizza in town. Actually, not all that new, for those in the know. Pizzawala’s opened in Canton back in 2012, starting out as a Curry on Crust; they’ve since changed their name to Pizzawala’s. What makes Pizzawala’s different? Indian flavor. And yes, it’s a thing. Unmatched Indian flavor combinations on a delicious pizza. Thrillist featured the craze in 2018, and Pizzawala’s was featured in their coverage of the rise of the Indian-inspired pizza craze.

“We wanted to serve pizza to Canton’s diverse community, and to do that, we created pizza that’s made differently,” says Dipali Patel, owner at Pizzawala’s. “Though Indian pizza is not a mainstream phenomenon (yet), it is incredibly popular among Indians and non-Indians alike. People are intrigued by the concept of Indian pizza.”

Among the favorite offerings is the Chicken Tikka Pizza — juicy chicken chunks marinated in Indian spices makes it a must try for chicken connoisseurs. Also popular are the tandoori wings and savory veggie puffs.

Pizzawala’s is in the Yellow Block at the north west corner of Ford Road and Canton Center. Entrepreneurs looking to join in the growing craze are encouraged to ask about franchise opportunities, which are now available.