Palermo Pizzeria and Restaurant

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In 1981, Prince Charles and Diana were heading for the altar. Raiders of the Lost Ark made its debut. And in Canton, Paul and Fay Palazzolo and their partner John Maniaci opened Palermo Pizzeria & Restaurant. Looking back on their 41 years in Canton, the trio couldn’t be happier about the restaurant’s success, the team of employees they’ve built and especially the community they serve. “We are so thankful to our staff. Some of them have been with us for 30-plus years,” Fay says. “It’s their loyalty that’s helped us keep going strong for 40 years. We’re also truly grateful for our customers that continue to patronize Palermo’s. It’s especially helped us get through the pandemic.”

Paul Palazzolo lived in Palermo, Italy until the age of 16, where he started work as a carpenter. He moved to the U.S. and worked in the Canton when the city was still in its early developing stage. But having some restaurant experience, he’d long dreamed of owning his own eatery. Together with his wife Fay and their partner, John Maniaci, they opened their first location. With their exceptional food and service, they soon outgrew the small location, with a seating capacity of just 32. They relocated to their present location at 44938 Ford Road and grew the capacity to 90 people, then and expanded yet again to accommodate 100. Palermo’s was voted Best Pizza Restaurant in Canton, Michigan by the Canton Observer, and Palermo’s is also known for their delicious pasta dishes. They offer dine in, carry out, curbside pickup and delivery service, and they also cater parties and offer banquet services. Asked how they’ve managed to run a successful restaurant for four decades, the three answer in complete agreement: “The best recipe for a successful establishment is great employees, consistent good products and loyal customers. That’s how you make success!”

Stop in for some comfort food. You’ll find Palermo Pizzeria & Restaurant in the Purple Block on Ford Road in the Canton Landing Shopping Complex just east of Super Bowl Lanes at Spins Bowl.


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