Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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Before Mona Brant became Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Regional Director, she was a client. “I started as a patient 20 years ago, and I loved how the program helped me get my health back on track,” she relates. Now with 20 years of experience at the company, she helps others achieve their weight loss goals. She and her colleagues do it with personalized, one-to-one attention. “Counseling is not done in a group setting here, because everyone is different,” she explains. “Our programs are based on one-on-one personal supervision.” The comprehensive, customized, non-surgical weight loss programs focus on giving each individual the right combination of clinical and lifestyle support to fit their personal needs. Administered by Michigan and Ohio Board Certified Physicians, the programs help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Everyone’s body and relationship with food is unique, so the first step is an initial free consultation, where you’ll discuss your goals and review program and meal plan options based on your medical history and weight loss needs. Programs are based on real, healthy foods you can find at the grocery store — a recipe for long-term success that doesn’t rely on having to buy ready-made meals. “We do offer a wide range of nutritional supplements that help boost your weight loss and make you feel full,” Mona adds. “In fact, our protein bars are one of our most popular items — they taste like candy bars! We also offer Lipo Booster injections to patients who qualify — they increase energy levels, which in turn increases the metabolism.”

“Walk-ins are welcome,” Mona emphasizes. “We’re in the same strip mall as Hobby Lobby, right at the corner of Ford and Lilley — and we do offer free consultations.” All of which means, you have nothing to lose — except excess weight.