Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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Losing weight can be an exhausting and time-consuming challenge. At the Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Canton, it doesn’t have to be.

Located at the intersection of Ford Rd. and Lilley Rd., Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers numerous programs run by Board Certified physicians customized to fit your individual needs and preferences. On top of providing natural and safe weight loss enhancement products, Medical Weight Loss Clinic meals consist of real and healthy products from the grocery store, easily fitting into your everyday routine and helping you lose weight naturally and without any surgical procedures.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic has been helping clients achieve their goals since 1986. According to Regional Manager Mark DeFrank, Canton’s strong sense of community is what led him to choose the location. “We love being a part of a community that shares our same values. Canton has a strong culture of diversity and inclusion,” says DeFrank. “It is consistently ranked among the best places to live in Michigan; and it has a strong sense of family values.” DeFrank took on his position at Medical Weight Loss Clinic because he loves helping people reach their desired lifestyles. “Every day I get the opportunity to meet with people that are passionate about their journey, and it is inspiring.”

Medical Weight Loss Clinic is constantly innovating and creating new products to help every one of their clients lose weight safely and effectively, including enhancement products like LIPO Booster injections and ThermoPlus capsules. Medical Weight Loss Clinic has won several awards over the years from the communities they serve. But the best part of their business, says DeFrank, is the incredible staff they have in Canton. Medical Weight Loss Clinic appreciates everyone who has been a part of their family and looks forward to continuing to serve the community.


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