Ford Road Art Exhibition

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There’s so much to do on Canton’s Ford Road, It’s So Diverse.

You can shop for everything you need, dine a variety of ethnic foods or play at several entertainment venues.

Canton’s Ford Road is like an outdoor mall with plenty of fresh air. Get a walk or bike ride in and take a self guided tour of the Ford Road Public Art.

Canton Township partner’s with Midwest Sculpture Initiative.

MSI provides outdoor sculpture exhibitions throughout the Midwest, to promote cooperation among art and civic organizations, advance the role that the visual arts play in the quality of life and increase economic development.

Visit this link to learn more about each piece for sale, including the artist, the size, materials, and price.:

Click here to find a color coded directory of the Public Art Exhibit on Canton’s Ford Road and beyond.

Planet Fitness:
Autumnus II

autumnus ii

Planet Fitness:
Cosmicum Ovum

cosmicum ovum

Kohl’s Sidewalk:
Big Money

big money

Power Outage

power outage





Griffin Funeral Home:
Tree of Life II

tree of life ii

Home Depot:
Calamari II

calamari ii

Michael’s Sidewalk
Reaching for the Moon

reaching for the moon

Michael’s Sidewalk:
Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise