Black Rock Bar & Grill, a Sizzling Success in Canton

BlackRock food

The first Black Rock Bar & Grill opened in Hartland, Michigan in 2010. Because of their success, Black Rocks are expanding and opening throughout the country.

The Canton location is the first franchisee under the Black Rock name. Owned by the Schifko family, the business has enjoyed an overwhelming response from the local community. The Ghatto family, owners of The Roman Forum, offered outstanding support as Black Rock joined the Canton business community.

Black Rock Bar & Grill in Canton may be just the place to satisfy your craving. Guests cook steak and/or seafood on a 755 degree stone right at their table to perfection. The cooking style actually sears the meat and holds about 20 percent more juices. This makes the cut of meat much more flavorful and tender. The first bite is as hot and fresh as the last.

Black Rock offers free appetizer cards for birthdays and anniversaries that can be used on a following visit. Join them for the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day buffets coming up this spring and summer from 9am-2pm on both days.

The restaurant is located at 41601 Ford Road in Canton. Call 734-927-7800 for more information or visit or their Facebook page at Black Rock Bar & Grill – Canton.