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Welcome to your Shop Canton  insider we’re right outside Play It Again Sports getting

ready to go in, located in the blue black between Lillian Haggerty.


Let’s go we can

find and sort of play it again sports

what I found interesting is there are

new and used equipment here here with

Jessie kind of bored yeah well like I

was saying before you really want aboard

a little bit shorter board would give

you a little more control so if you’re

very very beginner stage you might want

something a little bit shorter like if

you were 14 years old and you were

looking to get a board that was right

around your chin you might want to look

and say well I’m gonna have this board

for more than one season maybe I should

go a little bit on the longer end

because you could get a cord in your

size range but still have it fit you in

your size maybe for a couple seasons to

get me more value out of it this is a

new board that we sell it’s a new brand

this is made by head which is a good ski

snowboard manufacturer and these have

really nice flow bindings on like I was

telling you before and the bindings one

of the nice things about the flows is

that instead of having to unstrap this

part of it every time you go off and on

you know you can just pop that back

piece down and then just slide your foot

right in there so this would be like one

of our nicer new packages that we have I

don’t necessarily think you’d have to

spend this much money just to get this

which is a little bit shorter but that

would give you a little more control

this one and we do this on a lot of our

sets like we have brand new bindings

little bindings the same as what you saw

on that new board but we have like a

really nice used version board to kind

of match up with it and so you’re not

really sacrificing quality or anything

like that but this one’s 189 versus 299

and still have a nice name brand these

helmets that we sell here made like

demon these are really popular really

fun cuz they come with phones so like

built under the helmet you have speakers

yeah little rundown over a couple boys

that they couldn’t figure for you

lots of tongues on the boots and

different selections of bindings to that

we could mix and match and kind of

customize your own board to make finish

up check out the boys

stay safe and have a happy not holidays

here from the blue block