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What are those banners for on Ford Road?

Wayfinding Color Banner Map

  Street Light Banner

In 2009, the Canton Township Downtown Development Authority (DDA) installed colored way-finding banners on the decorative street lamps that are part of Ford Road's streetscape.

"The banners are color-coded by blocks and numbered so that finding your favorite shops and restaurants is easier than ever!" said Kathleen Salla, DDA Director.

Salla is pleased with this new tool that will make it easier to navigate Ford Road, and easier to give directions using the color blocks and banners as reference points.

"We've had good feedback from merchants who can now tell people who call looking for directions that they are located on the north side of Ford Road in the Purple Block #2. Just look for the purple banners. I think it has been a big help to folks," Salla said.

The color-coded banners are complemented with black banners bearing the ShopCanton logo and the words "Canton's Ford Road" highlighting the entryways into the district.

"We really want to celebrate Ford Road's special role in this area as a shopping and entertainment corridor. We have everything you need here, from movies to Mexican food to manicures, and of course, IKEA!" Salla said.

The banners are part of a comprehensive infrastructure and marketing plan designed to create a vibrant atmosphere in the Ford Road corridor.

The original Ford Road streetscape was installed between Morton Taylor and Sheldon Roads in 1994. Later the Downtown Master Plan called for an expansion of the streetscape along the entire three miles of the district to include decorative street lighting, turn lanes, mast arm signals at major intersections, safety and function wherever possible, to enhance the aesthetics and improve commercial vitality.

"We now have a continuous streetscape along the entire three mile corridor," Salla said.
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